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5/9/13 The Columbia Land Trust purchases and additional 2,330-acres of forestlands and riparian habitat on the southern flanks of Mount St. Helens.MORE>>

2/7/13 - Governor Kitzhaber calls for Congressional action on O&C lands. O&C Lands Report released.MORE>>

5/24/12 Tom Tuchmann to serve as Governor Kitzhaber's Forestry and Conservation Finance Advisor.MORE>>

10/27/11 - Redwood Forest Foundation closes $25.5 million conservation transactions with The Conservation Fund and Save the Redwoods League..MORE>>

4/5/11 - Tuchmann interviewed on timberland ownership trends and changes in Clatsop County, Oregon.MORE>>

12/30/10 - Washington DNR and Pope Resources close 6,900 acre Mt St Helens conservation easementMORE>>

7/22/09 – Unique Coalition urges support of Community Forestry BondsMORE>>

1/13/09 – Columbia Land Trust and Pope Resources find solutions to keep working forestland and habitat protected at Swift Reservoir.MORE>>

10/30/08 – Union County completes purchase of Mt. Emily from Forest Capital Partners.MORE>>

6/14/07 – US Forest Capital originates and manages first-of-its kind Usal Redwood Forest transaction for the Redwood Forest Foundation. MORE>>

11/17/06 – US Forest Capital assists Hawthorne Timber Company with Big River/Salmon Creek sale to The Conservation Fund. MORE>>

7/13/05 – Governor Kulongoski signs US Forest Capital generated Community Forest Authority bill into law. MORE>>

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