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In an effort to support the goals and objectives of our clients in both the conservation and private sectors, US Forest Capital has developed and championed the concept of municipal (taxable and tax-exempt) revenue bonds as a mechanism to finance the acquisition of working forests that have strong conservation values.

Our efforts in this arena began early in our firm’s existence and we have led the effort to seek enabling legislation that would allow this financing tool to be applied to forest acquisitions.

US Forest Capital also successfully initiated and managed a legislative effort that allows Oregon municipalities to create Community Forest Authorities for the purpose of issuing municipal debt to qualified nonprofits for the purpose of forestland acquisition.

Given the success at the local level, US Forest Capital is spearheading a national effort to amend the tax code in a manner that would allow tax-exempt revenue bonds to be used for large-scale timberland acquisitions. This tax-exempt bond market could provide tens to hundreds of millions for conservation acquisitions that maintain sustainable timber harvest and an array of environmental benefits.

This section of our site contains background information on our work with the Community Forest Bond concept.

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