SERVICES Introduction

Sometimes the biggest challenge posed by a conservation transaction or business strategy is recognizing what is possible and knowing how to make it happen.

At US Forest Capital, our knowledge of forestry, finance and public policy enable us to develop creative and pragmatic solutions that work for our clients. Our services include:

  • Identifying and managing land transactions
  • Arranging conservation financing
  • Monetizing ecosystem services (easements, carbon, wetland mitigation, etc.)
  • Developing customized business and investment strategies
  • Creating and improving land ownership and governance structures and
  • Resolving natural resource, public policy and communications challenges

Our advisory services encompass a broad range of transaction-types including the buying and selling of fee simple lands and conservation easements; developing emerging market ecosystem services like carbon offset and mitigation banking credits; and, establishing conservation-oriented businesses.

US Forest Capital adds value at every step in your process – providing timely and professional advice that encompasses the range of considerations that must be weighed for you to achieve your goals.

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