If you are a seller of natural resources or ecosystem services, we provide:

  • Assessment and Valuation: Evaluate and analyze your property to determine its potential for ecosystem service and conservation sales.
  • Strategies and Design: Development of transaction strategies that will support your goals, whether they are financial, environmental and/or social.
  • Transaction Management: Making your transaction happen by structuring a range of governance, finance and management options.
  • Easement, Carbon, Wetlands and Other Services: Assessing the feasibility of your ecosystem service project and overseeing implementation to minimize your time and cost and while maximizing return.


If you are a buyer of natural resources or ecosystem services, we offer:

  • Acquisition Sourcing: Identifying natural resource properties or ecosystem assets that meet your impact investment goals by conducting feasibility analyses and initiating relationships on your behalf with prospective sellers.
  • Resource Management: Developing natural resource management strategies that integrate your objectives with the biological and financial capabilities of the land.
  • Governance and Financial Structuring: Advising on financing and governance mechanisms that will meet your needs by engaging banks, lenders, private investors and other financial intermediaries to develop customized solutions.
  • Transaction Management: Designing transactions while guiding you toward a successful outcome.


If you are a non-profit or private business, we provide:

  • Business Strategy Development: Structuring your natural resource business strategy in accordance with your goals.
  • Sourcing: Identifying and quantifying prospective business opportunities to complement your strategy.
  • Due Diligence: Conducting and coordinating property-level due diligence to quantify underlying attributes of your prospective business objectives.
  • Post-Investment Monitoring: Monitoring the operation of your natural resource business to ensure it is performing in accordance with your needs and expectations.

Planning and Policy

We offer ancillary services that are often important to conservation finance and impact investing:

  • Strategic Planning: Whether you are new to natural resource asset classes or a seasoned participant, we can help you assess the opportunities, challenges, and process associated with buying or selling land and ecosystem services.
  • Public Policy Support: Natural resource projects often include a public policy dimension that can enhance or undermine success. We can help you design administrative and legislative solutions and position your project with elected officials and agency professionals who are responsible for approving and funding your project.
  • Public and Community Relations Services: We develop and implement public and community relations solutions to ensure that your transaction is properly characterized and well understood by the media and the public.